2021 Fred and Barbara Borga Award Winners

April 27th, 2021

The Fred and Barbara Borga Award was established in honor of Fred and Barbara Borga through the generosity of their son Dr. Ross Schwartzberg. The award supports outstanding undergraduate students at the University of Arizona who are majoring in Religious Studies with a concentration in Religious Studies for Health Professionals.

Religious Studies is thrilled to announce the following winners of the Fred and Barbara Borga Award:

Cameron Dockens.  “I have always wanted to become a health care provider, and through the Religious Studies for Health Professionals program, I have been able to explore how to become the best health care provider for my patients. I think one of the most important things a health professional can do is getting to understand their patients’ definitions of health, which can be greatly influenced by their religious background. I love being able to study this relationship on a daily basis.”

Alexander Riley.  "This award to me means that some of my efforts are being recognized and I am extremely grateful for having been chosen. This award reaches beyond me, and my family is thankful too. To represent the Religious Studies Department for Health Professionals is an honor. I am immensely inspired by the faculty and staff and hope to utilize their teachings in my future endeavors. I want to thank Professors Oberman, Dachille, McComb-Sanchez, Jameson aka "Dr. J", and Graizbord. And lastly, thank you to Dr. Schwartzberg."

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