2020 Fred and Barbara Borga Award Winners

April 16th, 2020

The Fred and Barbara Borga Award was established in honor of Fred and Barbara Borga through the generosity of their son Ross Schwartzberg. The award supports outstanding undergraduate students at the University of Arizona who are majoring in Religious Studies with a concentration in Religious Studies for Health Professionals.

Religious Studies is thrilled to announce the following winners of the Fred and Barbara Borga Award:

Ashleigh Maykayla Escalante. "Since I was young, I have always been very passionate about the field of psychology and wanting to help people. When I began my journey as an undergraduate, I realized through multiple courses that when I could understand religious backgrounds, I could understand people and I was in a better situation to support them. Studying religion has helped me learn about the world, myself and most importantly those around me."



Alyssa Jean Peterson. "I chose Religious Studies as a major because I believe that much can be understood about culture, people, and beliefs through understanding their religion. In order to be the best medical professional I can be, I need to be able to understand and help people from where they are coming from, and being a Religious Studies major helps me be well-rounded and understand culture and people."




Sydney Savannah Young. "When I learned that religious studies had a ‘health professions’ track I knew this was the right major for me. I believe religious literacy is important and having this knowledge can make a difference, especially in the healthcare field. Knowing a few background facts about someone’s religion or culture can help give empathy and understanding. To me, the academic study of religion is important because I believe it is imperative to be accepting of other cultures and learn how to work with and understand all people. I am thankful for this award because it will allow me to continue my studies."