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Why I Chose Religious Studies

The knowledge I received is applicable every day, no matter where I am in life.

Blayne Roach
B.A. Religious Studies, B.S. Physiology, Biochemistry 2018
Medical Scribe, Retina Associates

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Religious Studies is proud to announce the 2018-19 Rombach & Bretall Award Winners


Why Study Religion?

Religion is central to the human experience.

Religion has been a central force in world history, and it continues to play a powerful role in the human experience. The dynamic traditions of world religions, the role of religion in global politics, the relationship of religion and science, and the religious dimensions of art and culture, are among the many issues that draw students to the study of religion at the University of Arizona. The faculty and associated faculty of the Religious Studies Program are committed to introducing students to a broad spectrum of religious traditions and their social and historical impact.

A Religious Studies degree can lead to almost any career.

Religious Studies majors have pursued careers in a wide variety of fields, including business, government, medicine, law, education, and social services. The Religious Studies major provides students with a broad understanding of human diversity, the complexities of social and cultural systems of thought, and the human pursuit of meaning. Combined with core academic skills in written and oral communication, the Religious Studies major prepares students to become independent thinkers and problem solvers in the twenty-first century.

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News & Events

Congratulations to the College of Humanities’ Outstanding Senior for Spring 2019, Chelsea Forer! Forer graduates with honors, completing a double major in Religious Studies and Biological Anthropology and spent two years as a College of Humanities...
Cecilia Cruz
Religious Studies is thrilled to announce that Cecilia Cruz is the first-ever winner of the Fred and Barbara Borga Award.  The Fred and Barbara Borga Award was established in memory of Fred and Barbara Borga through the generosity of their son Ross ...
Donna Swaim, who touched thousands of students’ lives in her 50 years teaching at the UA, brought a commitment to study abroad that the College of Humanities continues today. In thanks for her life-long service to the University of Arizona and her...
Photos of award winners
The Department of Religious Studies and Classics is happy to announce the winners of the Lionel Rombach and Ora Bretall Awards for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Awardees for the Ora Bretall Award are (alphabetical by last name): Lindsay Briese,...
Three Religious Studies majors presented papers at the American Academy of Religion/Western Region annual conference. This was just the second year that undergraduate papers have been accepted and the University of Arizona is the only university to...
Robert Lisak and Amelia Symm
Religious Studies is proud to announce 2019 winners of the Donna Swaim International Award for Religious Studies: Amelia Symm and Robert Lisak.  The Donna Swaim International Award for Religious Studies enables academically-prepared Religious...
McComb Sanchez delivers lecture in Great Hall at Yale
Last week, Professor Andrea McComb Sanchez delivered lectures at a Barnard College/Columbia University and Yale University. On April 8, Professor McComb Sanchez lectured on "Becoming a Tradition: Pueblo Indian Patron Saint Feast Days as Resistance...

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photo of Samir in graduation robe with his service dog
Samir Madden
Religious Studies
Vijay Patel
Religious Studies
Molecular & Cellular Biology
Alicia Ramirez Borbon
Religious Studies