Minor Programs in Religious Studies


This minor requires eighteen (18) units of Religious Studies course work (6 courses) at the 100 level or higher. At least 9 of these units (3 courses) must be at the 300 level or higher. Any course with a RELI prefix can count toward the minor.

A maximum of 3 units of independent study (courses numbered 399/499) may apply to the Religious Studies minor.


A minor in RSHP requires eighteen (18) credit hours of coursework (6 courses) at the 100 level or higher, including at least 9 credit hours (3 courses) of upper division work (300 level and higher), as follows:

Choose 2 in Religion, Science, & Health (6 credits):

  • RELI 303: Spirituality & Sickness: Religion & Health in the U.S.
  • RELI 326: God, Humanity, & Science
  • RELI 336: Spirituality, Psychology & the Mind
  • RELI 359: Buddhism & Healing
  • RELI 406: Religious Diversity in Healthcare

*Any taken beyond 6 credits count toward the 9 concentration credits.

3 additional courses in the Health Concentration (9 credits):

  • RELI 203: Religion & Medicine in Western Healing Traditions
  • RELI 211: Life After Death in World Religions & Philosophies
  • RELI 212: Intro to American Indian Religious Traditions
  • RELI 313: Health & Medicine in Classical Antiquity
  • RELI 360: Religion, Nature, and Climate Change
  • RELI 363: Religion & Sex
  • RELI 367: Yoga
  • REL 381: African/Indigenous Religions
  • RELI 404: Religion, Gender, & the Body
  • RELI 428A: Globalization, the Environment, & Indigenous Religions
  • RELI 482: Tantric Buddhism
  • EAS/RELI 333: Buddhist Meditation Traditions
  • MAS/AIS/RELI 405: Traditional Indian Medicine

Choose 1 additional RELI Elective (3 credits)

A maximum of 3 units of independent study (courses numbered 399/499) may apply to the Religious Studies minor.


Nineteen (19) required units. At least 9 of these units must be at the 300 level or higher. For more information, visit the New Testament Language and Literature Minor webpage.

For information on double-dipping General Education courses with Religious Studies minors, see the Double Use of Courses (Double Dipping) webpage.

Upcoming course offerings can be found on the Course Schedule or on UAccess Student. You can also view our comprehensive course list.


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