Inaugural Fred and Barbara Borga Award Winner

May 1, 2019

Religious Studies is thrilled to announce that Cecilia Cruz is the first-ever winner of the Fred and Barbara Borga Award. 

The Fred and Barbara Borga Award was established in memory of Fred and Barbara Borga through the generosity of their son Ross Schwartzberg. The award supports outstanding undergraduate students at the University of Arizona who are majoring in Religious Studies with a concentration in Religious Studies for Health Professionals.

Congratulations, Cecilia!!!

Read (in Cecilia's own words) how the Religious Studies major enriches the medical profession:

As a student in the College of Medicine I have spoken with many peers and mentors to emphasize the importance of humanities in the medical field. To be able to communicate with patients and their support system is as equally important as the actual practice of medicine. I first began taking Religious Studies courses because of multiple medical cases where the patients decided against the advised treatment based on their beliefs. It is important for health care professions to have religious literacy so they can give alternative methods or speak in the right terms with discussing treatments with their patients.