Professor McComb Sanchez delivers lectures at Barnard/Columbia and Yale

April 17, 2019

Last week, Professor Andrea McComb Sanchez delivered lectures at a Barnard College/Columbia University and Yale University.

On April 8, Professor McComb Sanchez lectured on "Becoming a Tradition: Pueblo Indian Patron Saint Feast Days as Resistance and Adaptation" at an event cosponsored by the Barnard College Department of Religion, the Barnard College Department of Anthropology, the Barnard College Program in American Studies, the Columbia University Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life, and the Columbia University Department of Religion.

On April 10, Professor McComb Sanchez delivered a lecture titled "The Interconnection between Place, Narratives, and Ceremony in Pueblo Indian Patron Saint Feast Days" as part of the Yale University's Institute of Sacred Music 2018-2019 Colloquium. 

Congratulations, Professor McComb Sanchez!