Medovoi, Leerom

Dr. Medovoi is Professor in the Department of English and Vice Chair of the Program in Social, Cultural and Critical Theory. Among other topics, his research and teaching interests include: the historical co-determinations of religion and race, theories of political and economic theology, and the politics of secularism. He published Rebels: Youth and the Cold War Origins of Identity (Duke University Press, 2005) and has served as the Principal Investigator for two Mellon Foundation awards on the topics of “Religion, Secularism and Political Belonging” (2013-2016) and “Neoliberalism at the Neopopulist Crossroads" (2020-2022). With Elizabeth Bentley, he is co-editor of a collection also titled Religion, Secularism and Political Belonging (Duke University Press, 2021) that puts into dialogue the shifting politics of religion/secularism in North America, Europe, the Middle East and China.