Classen, Albrecht

Dr. Albrecht Classen, University Distinguished Professor of German Studies, is an affiliated faculty member of Religious Studies. He works primarily in the areas of medieval and early modern studies, and is regularly offering the cross-listed course Ger / Rel. 379 History of Religion in German Culture.


He has published currently ca. 110 books, and ca. 740 scholarly articles on medieval and early modern literature, history, and culture. His latest book project focuses on Freedom, Imprisonment, and Slavery in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Time. He has given close to 900 papers, workshops, seminars, and the like globally (most recently, Nov. 2020, at the University of Sevilla, on the History of the Medieval Manuscript). He has been guest professor at many universities both in Europe and in Asia, and he has regularly offered classes for the Honors College and the Humanities Seminar at the UoA. He is the editor of two  journals, Mediaevistik and Humanities Open Access. In 2017, he received the honorary title of Grand Knight Commander of the Most Noble Order of the Three Lions (GKCL) from the Duke of Swabia.


He received numerous awards and scholarships, such as the DAAD AA Excellence Award in International Exchange in 2020, Speaker at the 2019 TedEx Talks, UoA, the Excellence in Academic Advising Faculty Advisory Award in 2015,  the Sterling Membership of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association in 2013, the Arizona Carnegie Foundation Professor of the Year in 2012, the Five Star Faculty Award in 2009, and the 2006 AAT Outstanding German Educator Award.