UArizona Religious Studies at the AAR & SBL

November 20th, 2019
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Once again faculty from Religious Studies will be representing UArizona at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). AAR is the world's largest association of scholars of religion and religious studies. SBL is the leading American-based learned society of scholars conducting reseach on biblical literature. The annual meeting is the flagship event for both associations and co-convenes every November.

Grant Adamson will be presenting a paper titled "Responses to Thomas Paine after the Book of Mormon." He will also be presiding over a panel titled "Modern Use of Ancient Texts and Artifacts."

Courtney Friesen will be presenting a paper titled "The Sons of God and the Raising of the Dead: From Alcestis to Lazarus."

Andrea McComb Sanchez will be presenting a paper titled "Being an Ally in the Academy."

Caleb Simmons will be presenting a paper titled" Remembering the Goddess in the Desert: Diaspora Navaratri in Arizona."

Kristy Slominski will be presenting a paper titled "How the 'Judeo-Christian' Interfaith Ideal Transformed Sex Education into Family Life Education." She will also be presenting on a panel titled ""Critical Conversations: Religion and Polarized Publics."

Daisy Vargas will be presenting a paper titled "La Llorona's Children at the US-Mexico Border: Luis D. Leon's Decolonial Scholarship in Confronting State Violence." She will also be responding to panel titled “Folklore, Religion, and Race.”