Rombach and Bretall Scholarship Awardees 2014-2015

Jan. 6, 2015

The Religious Studies Program is pleased to announce the recipients of the Lionel Rombach and Ora Bretall Scholarships for 2014-2015. The scholarship amounts range from $1,000-$2,000 and are applied to the educational expenses of Religious Studies majors.


2014-2015 Ora Bretall Scholarships awarded to two Religious Studies majors heading to Law School and Medical School

  • Thomas Mitchell, Jr.

“The Religious Studies program at the University of Arizona doesn’t only teach you about religion; it teaches you about people. My first major is PPEL (Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law). If I desire to become involved with politics one day, I cannot hope to have a successful dialogue with a leader of a country if I am ignorant of their values and traditions.

I also have gained so much more from my Religious Studies courses than just political understanding. The more cultures I studied within the Religious Studies department, the more understanding and respect I gained for the many diverse religions of the world. This respect and understanding has made me a better human being.”


  • Zachary Yee

“I have chosen to major in Religious Studies and Physiology in a complementary manner. Along with my medical aspirations, I have an understanding that the healing of an individual depends not only on the diagnosis and treatment of a patient’s physical ailments but also caring for the intangible (emotional/spiritual) needs and acknowledging the significance that an individual’s beliefs and practices have on the various aspects (including physical health) of his or her life. I will be able to apply the understanding of the belief systems and values of others gained through the Religious Studies program to my medical practice, to achieve a fuller picture of healing. The Religious Studies major has had a profound impact on my undergraduate experience here at the University of Arizona through the interdisciplinary courses I have been able to take.”


2014-2015 Lionel Rombach Scholarships Awarded to two Religious Studies Majors

  • Cassandra Malloy

“I love being in this program. I have learned how to engage people respectfully regarding diverse belief systems and I have been incredibly privileged to learn from some of the greatest professors. I do not think my college experience would be what it is without this major, it has enriched my life in ways I cannot easily summarize.”

  • Corey Wegwert

“The Religious Studies major at the University of Arizona challenges me daily, not only academically but personally. Religious Studies does not simply satisfy an academic curiosity but it has cultivated my love for humanity.”


These scholarships were made possible by the generous gifts of Lionel Rombach and Ora Bretall, to support students pursuing degrees in Religious Studies. 

Photos (from left to right): Cassandra Malloy, Thomas Mitchell, Jr., and Zachary Yee.