Professor Karen Seat Presents Research on Society, Economics, and Religion in Dallas, TX and Baltimore, MD.

October 25th, 2017

Professor Karen Seat (Head of Religious Studies and Classics and Director of SILLC) will be presenting her research at two conferences this Fall. She will be presenting a paper titled “The Symbiosis of Social and Fiscal Conservatives: Gender and Human Care in a Neoliberal World” at the Society for US Intellectual History’s Annual Conference in Dallas, TX on October 27, 2017. On November 17, 2017, Professor Seat will present as part of a roundtable panel titled “Gender, Race, and the Christian Right in the Ascendency of Donald Trump” at the National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD.

These presentations are part of Professor Seats current book project titled Free Market Family Values: The Rise of Neoliberal Christianity in the United States that explores an interconnected vision of society, economics, and the role of government that connects a conservative biblical family model with the neoliberal economic model.