Prof. Strassfeld Acclaimed by Top Scholars in Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion

Aug. 9, 2018

Professor Max Strassfeld recently published an article titled "Transing Religious Studies" in the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (Vol. 34, No.1, Spring 2018). In this article, Prof. Strassfeld considers "the effects of th[e] constructed incongruity between religion and transgender--both the direct impacts on trans people and the legacy within religious studies as an academic pursuit" through a close reading of the Mississippi House Bill (HB) 1523, which has recently gone into effect.

The article served as the focus of a roundtable discussion at the heart of the journal issue in which leading scholars of Religious Studies responded. Respondents included Joy Ladin, Ellen T. Armour, Evren Savci, Cameron Partridge, Judith Plaskow, Zohar Weiman-Kelman, Melissa M. Wilcox, and Robyn Henderson-Espinoza.

Professor Strassfeld's essay has received critical acclaim as "groundbreaking" (p. 53), "intrigu[ing] and persua[sive]" (p. 58), "critical" and "unprecedented" (p. 68), and "important and provocative" (p. 75).