Lionel Rombach and Ora Bretall Scholarship Recipients

February 24th, 2017

The Religious Studies Program is pleased to announce the recipients of the Lionel Rombach and Ora Bretall Scholarships for 2016-2017. The scholarship amounts range from $1,000-$2,000 and are applied to the educational expenses of Religious Studies majors. On occasion, additional funding is available to make larger awards to exceptional applicants.

This year's Ora Bretall awardee is Religious Studies major Joseph Horowitz. Joseph writes: "I have declared majors in Religious Studies for Health Professionals and Political Science: Law and Public Policy to be as prepared as possible to study and ultimately practice health law....In my personal statement for my law school applications I talked about how my religious studies work has prepared me to a much greater extent than most for law school....[and since] a number of top 30 law schools accepted me within just a few weeks of submitting my law application, I have to think my religious studies major may have been the best decision I ever made in college. It means I get to go to a gret law school and study what I want!"

This year’s Lionel Rombach awardee is Religious Studies major Nicholas Noble. Nicholas writes: "I plan to use my degree in 'Religious Studies for Health Professionals' to become a counselor...I am currently applying to graduate programs so that I can obtain my Masters in Conseling."

These scholarships were made possible by the generous gifts of Lionel Rombach and Ora Bretall, to support students pursuing degrees in Religious Studies. 

For more information on these scholarships, including application instructions, visit Applications are due every November.