2022 Ora Bretall Scholarship Award Winners

Dec. 1, 2022

The Department of Religious Studies and Classics is happy to announce the winners of the Ora Bretall Scholarship Awards for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Awardees are Myana Hibbert and Mitch Emerson Conroy.

Congratulations to our outstanding Religious Studies majors!

Read (in their words) how majoring in Religious Studies has enriched their lives and studies:

Myana Hibbert:  Religious Studies is important because it's an opportunity to learn about different people and cultures. In my concentration, religious studies for health professionals, I have learned how religious knowledge can help to treat patients better. With the healthcare industry rapidly advancing, religious studies creates an alternative lens to solve modern day medical issues. With the help of this award, I can continue my education in higher education next year.

Mitch Emerson Conroy:  The academic study of religion is so important for understanding culture and people at a deeper level. Being a Religious Studies major has really shaped my journey through my time in college at the University of Arizona. I have enjoyed the variety of courses that I have been able to take and topics that I have been able to learn about through my Religious Studies major. I have been able to learn about such a wide variety of religions, which has allowed me to open up my worldview. All of the amazing professors and courses offered by the Religious Studies department have really helped further my education and my awareness of the world. The academic study of religion is crucial for creating a more inclusive environment and opening up the understanding of how religion impacts people and daily life.