Religious Studies Capstone Research Presentations

May 3, 2018 - 5:30pm
Modern Languages Building, Room 413

We invite you all to join us May 3, 2018 from 5:30-8:30PM for the presentations of our RELI seniors' outstanding research. 

These presentations mark the culmination of the Religious Studies Capstone course. As part of the course requirement our majors pursue a research topic of their own design. This requires them to pick a topic of interest, conduct intensive research, and write a formal paper. These presentations are the result of this semester-long project. Please come support our majors as they share their research!

Following the presentations, we ask those in attendance to join us for a reception. The reception will be potluck-style; so please bring your favorite snacks and/or (nonalcohlic) beverages. Limited quantities of food and drink will be provided by Religious Studies.


Zy Mazza “Materialism and Material Religion: An Analysis of the Changing Depictions of the Orisha Ochùn”

Lexie Clark “Limits of the Divine: An Analysis of Healing Practice within Christian Fringe Movements”

Jess Gonzalez “Modified: Spirituality through Tattoo Practice”

Carli Flores “Concepts of Identity and Religion in Tucson-Based Humanitarian Aid Organizations Working in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region”

Blayne Roach “Spiritual Needs for Terminally Ill Patients: Exercising Religious-Based Care in Palliative Treatment”

Francisco Saralegui “Video Gaming, Play, and Religion: Doing Religious Work”

Codye Beyer “Sunday Segregation: Deconstructing White Theology in American Christianity to Unify a Divided Nation”

Samantha Montes “Fairy Tales and Religion: The Religious Functions of Fouque’s Undine and Andersen’s ‘Little Mermaid’”  

Sophie Barshay “‘Fatal’ Deviations: The Christian New Right’s Influence on Family and Gender Ideals as Portrayed in 80s/90s Femme Fatale Movies”

RELI Seniors

Suggested Parking: 

Second Street Garage