RELI 342 - Persian World

This course provides students with a critical understanding of the histories and cultures of the Persian-speaking world, which includes the communities in Persian, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Iraq, United States, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and European countries. This course introduces students to the Persian civilization from a variety of approaches. This course will help students to engage with major historical and cultural developments in Persian history and civilization. In light of the disciplinary methodologies related to those fields, students will study the texts and material culture of Iran in order to understand historical, literary, and political developments within their social contexts. Eventually, students will gain an understanding of how Persia developed into a world power, how it was divided, and how it continued to exist as a cultural concept. Students will read texts in English, watch films, and experience music, dance, and food. Through a comparative and critical approach, the course will also examine the value and limitations of theoretical perspectives offered by related disciplines such as literary, political science, religion, and cultural studies. Teaching will include lectures, discussions, and learner-centered activities using cooperative learning techniques. There will be live and interactive performances in some of the sessions on food and dance. Readings will be accompanied by short video and/or audio clips. All learning materials including articles, chapters, films, audios, etc. will be uploaded on the course's website and D2L.

Also Offered As
MENA 342, PRS 342
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Regular Grades
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General Ed-Tiers (Before 2022)