RELI 335 - Rap, Culture and God

This course is a study of popular culture and religion in African-American and Latin@ communities, with a focus on the place of rap music in the cultural identity of these traditions. The class will begin with a study of some major themes in cultural studies concerning identity, class, race, and gender in addition to a study of the role of religion in Black and Latin@ communities. We will consider the approaches and self-understandings of identity and culture in rap music with special attention to the voices of protest, resistance, and spirituality among rap artists.

Also Offered As
AFAS 335, LAS 335, AFAS 335, LAS 335, AFAS 335, LAS 335, AFAS 335, LAS 335, AFAS 335, LAS 335
Grade Basis
Student Option ABCDE/PF
Course Attributes
General Ed (Begins 2022)
General Ed-Tiers (Before 2022)
General Education
General Education Attributes
Honors Course