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Dr. Karen Seat
Head, Department of Religious Studies and Classics
Learning Services Building 203

Dr. Alison Jameson
Undergraduate Advisor
Learning Services Building 209

Dr. Caleb Simmons
Global Advisor for Religious Studies (Study Abroad Questions)
Learning Services Building 216

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Religious Studies Policy on Publicizing Campus Events

The Religious Studies Program will publicize the following types of campus events:

  • Academic lectures and events sponsored by academic units at the University of Arizona.
  • Events that expose the University community to religious diversity and culture, with an explicit and central focus on cultural education.

Students interested in engaging with religion beyond the cultural education provided by the Religious Studies Program can find more information about specific religious organizations on campus through visiting ASUA’s InvolveUA website, at   

Find Us on the University of Arizona Campus 

Religious Studies faculty and administration are located in two buildings across campus:

Learning Services Building 203: 

Dr. Karen Seat, Dr. Alison Jameson, Dr. Andrea McComb Sanchez, Dr. Caleb Simmons, Dr. Daisy Vargas, Dr. Kristy Slominski, Dr. Brett Esaki, and Dr. Max Strassfeld

Harvill Building 347:

Dr. Alex Nava, Dr. Julian Kunnie, Dr. Konden Smith, Dr. Grant Adamson, and Dr. Hester Oberman


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