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Religion is central to the human experience.
Religion has been a central force in world history, and it continues to play a powerful role in the human experience. The dynamic traditions of world religions, the role of religion in global politics, the relationship of religion and science, and the religious dimensions of art and culture, are among the many issues that draw students to the study of religion at the University of Arizona. The faculty and associated faculty of the Religious Studies Program are committed to introducing students to a broad spectrum of religious traditions and their social and historical impact.

A Religious Studies degree can lead to almost any career.
Religious Studies majors have pursued careers in a wide variety of fields, including business, government, medicine, law, education, and social services. The Religious Studies major provides students with a broad understanding of human diversity, the complexities of social and cultural systems of thought, and the human pursuit of meaning. Combined with core academic skills in written and oral communication, the Religious Studies major prepares students to become independent thinkers and problem solvers in the twenty-first century.

Beloved Professor Retires after 50 Years at the University of Arizona

Dr. Donna Swaim will be retiring in May 2014. Now in her 50th year as an educator at the University of Arizona, Dr. Swaim has touched thousands of students' lives. Teaching her first course at the University of Arizona in the spring of 1964, Dr. Swaim has shared her passion for undergraduate education in numerous settings, including 5 years teaching English Composition, 35 years teaching in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Program, and 10 years teaching in the Religious Studies Program. Dr.

Registration for Winter Session courses is now open

Registration for Winter Session courses is now open.

The Religious Studies Program is pleased to offer three fully online courses during Winter 2014:

RELI 160D2 - Comparative Religions

Instructor: Konden Smith

General Education: Tier 1 Traditions and Cultures

RELI/GWS 225 - Introduction to Women and Religion

Instructor: Mary Speidel


RELI/EAS 350 - Hindu Mythology

Instructor: Caleb Simmons

General Education: Diversity Emphasis


Religious Studies Faculty at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting

Three Religious Studies faculty members will be presenting at the 2014 American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting. 

Dr. Andrea McComb Sanchez will be presenting in a panel titled "Native Traditions, Food, and Environmental Change: Restoring Right Relationships."

Paper: "Restoring Himdag: Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the Tohono O'odham"

Rombach and Bretall Scholarships

Now accepting applications for 2014 Rombach and Bretall Scholarships.

The Religious Studies Program is now accepting applications for the Rombach and Bretall Scholarships for the academic year 2014-2015. The application deadline is November 21, 2014. Scholarship applications should be submitted to the front desk in Learning Services Building 203. If you received a Rombach or Bretall scholarship in the past we would remind you that it is non-renewable and you are not eligible for another scholarship. One scholarship per person.

RELI 315

This course examines the crisis of the destruction of Indigenous peoples’ religions and cultures by the forces of economic globalization and global warming and climate change in various parts of the world, particularly in exacerbating conditions of impoverishment, especially of Indigenous peoples and women, desecration of sacred sites, erosion of religious rights, ecological annihilation, and the intensification of incarceration under the globalization regime.

Wed, 11/26/2014 (All day)
Registration for Winter Session courses is now open. The Religious Studies Program is pleased to offer three fully...
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