New Testament Language and Literature Minor

This minor provides students with a multidisciplinary study of New Testament texts in their historical contexts. Students learn to read the New Testament in the original language of ancient Greek. The Greek language courses required for this minor can fulfill University of Arizona language requirements.

In addition to language study, students in this minor explore the dynamic relationship among ancient religions in the Greco-Roman world and between the New Testament texts and some of the subsequent interpretations of those texts. This minor will take advantage of the robust interdisciplinary courses related to New Testament studies currently offered at the University, including options in Classics, Religious Studies, Judaic Studies, History, and Philosophy.

While numerous institutions offer minors in religious studies, and some do so with a focus on the history of Christianity, the distinctive strength of this minor is its focus on the ancient and classical world, including rigorous study of texts in original languages.

Interested students should contact:

Dr. Courtney Friesen
Office: Learning Services Building 220    


Nineteen (19) required units, including the required courses and electives outlined below. At least 9 of these units must be at the 300 level or higher.

Required courses (7 units):

  • GRK 201 - Intermediate Classical Greek 1 (4 units) 
  • CLAS/RELI 401A - Early Christian Literature: Greek Texts  This course will include readings in the original Greek for students in the minor who have completed GRK 201. Students can enroll in GRK 201 and CLAS/RELI 401A simultaneously.

One of the following two courses in Religious Studies & Classics (3 units):

If students enroll in both courses listed here, the second one can count toward the minor as an elective.

  • RELI 280 - Introduction to the New Testament
  • CLAS/RELI 306 - The Transformation of Society: Christianity in the Greco-Roman World

Any three of the following elective courses (9-10 units):

Must have enough upper-division elective units to fulfill the minor's requirement of 9 upper-division units.

  • GRK 202 - Selections from classical Greek poetry (4 units)
  • CLAS 210 - Ancient Greek Magic
  • ENG/RELI 220B - Literature of the Bible
  • PHIL/CLAS 260 - Ancient Philosophy
  • RELI 300 - Christian Literature and Thought
  • CLAS/RELI 305 - Greek and Roman Religion 
  • RELI 309 - Epistles of Paul
  • CLAS 323 - Ancient Empires
  • CLAS 326 - Greek Mythology
  • RELI/GWS 327 - Women and Christianity
  • JUS/RELI 329 - Jewish-Christian Relations
  • CLAS 335 - The Roman Empire: Rulers and Ruled
  • CLAS/RELI 348 - Myth & Archetype
  • JUS/RELI 372B - History & Religion of Israel in Ancient Times: Ezra-Nehemiah to the Roman Empire
  • JUS/RELI 382B - Jesus, Judaism and Archaeology
  • CLAS/RELI 401B - Early Christian Literature: Latin Texts
  • HIST/CLAS 403B - History of the Hellenistic World
  • HIST/CLAS 404B - History of Rome: The Empire through the Reign of Constantine the Great
  • JUS 405 - Classical Aramaic
  • PHIL/CLAS 470 - Greek Philosophy
  • RELI/JUS 481 - Jews in the Roman Empire