Dr. Bonnie Wasserman

Africana Studies

Bonnie S. Wasserman is an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies. She is currently writing a book on religions of the African Diaspora and their portrayal in popular culture.  Her research is interdisciplinary and covers film, theatre and the novel in a number of languages. Dr. Wasserman is a specialist in Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) African Literature as well as Afro-Brazilian Cinema and has spent a great deal of time doing research in Brazil. She has been awarded two Fulbright Scholarships (Portugal and Barbados) to study African Diaspora topics and has published two books: Metaphors of Oppression in Lusophone Historical Drama (Peter Lang Publishing) and Cinema for Portuguese Conversation (Focus Publishing). At the University of Arizona Dr. Wasserman teaches courses on African Literature, Africana Studies, African Diaspora Religion and Culture, Lusophone African Literature and Film. She is also an advisor for students in the Africana Studies program.


LSB 229




Area of specialization: 

African Diaspora and Popular culture