Professor Daisy Vargas on Arizona360
3 weeks ago
Professor Daisy Vargas was recently featured on Arizona Public Media's weekly public affairs show Arizona360. In the episode that aired on September 21, 2018, Professor Vargas discusses the impact of the recent sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic...
Brett Esaki headshot
1 month ago
Professor Brett Esaki has been invited by the Department of Philsophy and Religious Studies at Middle Tennessee State to give a public lecture entitled "Legacy of Dominance in Japanese American Monuments." The lecture will be September 14, 2018 in...
Nine Nights of the Goddess book cover
1 month ago
In their new book Nine Nights of the Goddess: The Navarātri Festival in South Asia (SUNY Press), UA Religious Studies Professor Caleb Simmons, Dr. Moumita Sen (University of Oslo), and Professor Hillary Rodrigues (University of Lethbridge) bring...


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