About Us

The University of Arizona’s interdisciplinary Religious Studies Program offers a major (B.A.) and an undergraduate minor in Religious Studies. The Religious Studies Program prepares students to engage intelligently with the religiously diverse cultures of the United States and societies around the world. Religious Studies is central not only to understanding the borderlands of the Southwest and the entire multicultural U.S., it is key to comprehending today’s complex global issues.

Strengths of the Religious Studies Program

  • The Religious Studies Program challenges students to engage with the study of religion from an academic, interdisciplinary perspective.
  • The Religious Studies Program teaches students about multiple worldviews, communities, and ethics that have shaped world history.
  • Our research and course offerings are strongly interdisciplinary, involving our core faculty and associated faculty from disciplines across the University, including Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Biology, Classics, East Asian Studies, German Studies, History, English, Judaic Studies, Near Eastern Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology.